Blockchain of Evidence is a website and smartphone app for secure evidence collection and logging.
By proving evidence integrity from the minute it is collected, BoE enables
transparency into the evidence collection process for Police, Courts, and citizens, from field to court.

Rebuilding Trust in the Chain of Custody

Secure Evidence Transparency Assured by Hyper-Ledger Blockchain Technology





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Jeff Neithercutt is a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant for a company specializing in public sector consulting. Jeff has a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance, is a published author (Tactical Hacking for the Law Enforcement Professional), and tinkers with both old and new technology to make them work together more efficiently. Jeff was a Police Officer and 911 Dispatcher in the San Francisco Bay Area for 11 years and worked for a major international bank prior to that as an Information Security Analyst. In his spare time Jeff enjoys biking, playing with computers, and trying to get his dog to do what she’s supposed to. 


Rebecca Neithercutt is a Project Manager for Computer Integration Services, and consults for entrepreneurial startups in her spare time. Rebecca is an expert researcher who grew up with the internet and can find or source anything, anywhere, stored in it. Rebecca holds active research credentials at the US Library of Congress and the British Library, among many of her favorite haunts to track obscure intellectual threads. 


Todd Ibbotson was the Chief Information Security Officer for the State of California Department of Justice until he pivoted to a new opportunity in 2019.

Curtis Darnell retired as the Chief of Santa Clara County Communications responsible for 911, Law, Fire, and Medical Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD). 


How it Works


Blockchain of Evidence uses software that sits inside Police computers and receives every log generated by any entry in the Computer Aided Dispatch System or Report Writing system.
What About Collection in the Field?
BoE also provides a smartphone app for Officers and Evidence Technicians that allows them to create a digital fingerprint of photos, videos, bodycam and audio recordings of suspect, witness, and victim statements immediately upon collecting them at the scene.
How About Transparency to the Public?
Because only a digital fingerprint is generated to prove the validity of the evidence, the evidence itself remains in the custody of the Police, while the digital fingerprint is published to our secure website for transparency to the public. Police don’t have to change anything for this to work.

Frequently Asked Questions


Secure Evidence Collection and Logging!
I will be speaking about using BlockChain of Evidence at the Los Angeles ISSA 2019 Summit on May 16th, 2019 in Santa Monica, California and look forward to speaking with you there if you are able to attend!!  I will also be presenting a one hour talk about Blockchain of Evidence at the SMILE Conference 2019 in Houston, Texas, on May 22, 2019. Hope to see you there!!

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